The SSI Program


The Social Security Administration administers the SSI and SSDI programs side by side.

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. When people speak of Social Security Disability they are often using it as an umbrella term entailing both programs. The SSI program has the same medical disability requirements as SSDI. Unlike SSDI the SSI program has no prerequisite work requirements however there are stringent financial requirements.  

Financial requirements for SSI include both income and asset limits. The asset limits are straight forward; any individual with more than 2,000 in gross assets is in excess of the asset limit. That limit increases to 3,000 in gross assets for a married couple living in the same household. Married couples who live separately in individual households are counted as individuals.  

A claimant can work in a limited part time capacity while their SSI application is pending. Applicants must beware there is an offset formula for any income one may receive while their SSI application is pending. The offset is one (1) dollar reduction in SSI benefit for that calendar month per three (3) dollars of income. The substantial gainful activity limit of 1,310 per month still applies despite the SSI specific income and asset limitations 

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